Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Open Scotland Declaration - Still Garnering International Recognition #OER

It is great that this work coordinated and authored by my co-conspirator and co-founder of Open Scotland , Lorna Campbell of Edinburgh University,  continues to attract global recognition and attention.

I've been responding today to the Polish Government. I know too  that the work is currently forming the basis of policy in Morocco and beyond in the middle east as well as being the basis for many other global policy initiatives.

I had to re-iterate today that the Open Scotland Declaration is a statement of intent to engage Scottish policy makers and institutions and drive changes across  our system –but it is not,  as yet government policy.

I know the Scottish Government is currently reviewing its own plans for the next five years - I hope that story changes soon.

Our progress best summarized here in Lorna's post 

In response to the enquiry around adopting Scotland's policy and giving some examples of open policy and practice in Scotland -  I responded 

  1.  is the Open Scotland Declaration,  it is an statement of ambition and demonstrates an approach towards having national policy in place.
  2.     Is the community blog from Open Scotland,  a grass roots organisation to promote greater openness. 
  3.   Is an example of a national initiative led by the Open University in Scotland  to encourage more open practices,  funded in part as a  response to Open Scotland.
  4.  Is an institutional response to becoming more open from Edinburgh University in part as a response to Open Scotland. 

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