Sunday, June 29, 2008


Just back from an early summer holiday and back to a full on week just catching up with things - I was amused by this and references in last few weeks to edupunks on a few blogs. John Connell being closest to home. I thought most educators were really just sad (old) or wannabe hippies - the debate is relevant in that change cannot come fast enough - (Punk response in the 70's was simply to put superglue in the school's locks)
This version from Edtechie can be viewed with annotations on Youtube site -sums up the debate well and comes from the OU - open toed sandals clearly in the past and is neat demo of how annotation tool works within YouTube.

At least it's not Eduprog , Eduhip , Edugoth - imagine the 10hour spaceship filled psychedelic pointlessness - (is this educationalists blogging ??) -Anyway begs the question - who knows the best place for the superglue ? ;-)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ofcom Website | Conference coverage

We work closely with Ofcom.

Their excellent papers over last few years highlighting that our population needed to switch from being consumers to being more confident creators in the web2 world and their work around Internet safety have inspired some of our developments.

Interesting coverage of conference on International Media Literacy - useful for debate on curriculum for excellence

Ofcom Website | Conference coverage