Thursday, November 22, 2007

Scottish History

"The announcement that SQA is at long last prepared to introduce a compulsory Scottish element to the Higher history examination is welcome, if overdue..."

Will open up a fresh set of challenges. As a one time History and English Teacher who taught Scottish History and Scottish Literature I was aware that many of my colleagues did not include these options -but will compulsion make the teaching and learning of Scottish History better ?

I hope so ..
and why was this learning not happening anyway and from early on in the system ?
The Romans and The Dinosaurs - as I remember from my primary education in the last century and maybe 1066 and the Gunpowder Plot with no mention of James the Sixth being Scottish.

We were told at one point that the Scottish People wore kilts because they were poor which is part of an answer but it was left unqualified and as an answer it never squared with the world I knew where a kilt was a very very prized possession in more ways than money.

You'd think I was a nationalist rather than an internationalist


john west said...

Kia Ora

Loved history at school but the absence of any scottish stuff was a scource of irritation.
Good to see you have a good Kiwi author on the blog

Joe Wilson said...


Kia Ora to you

The game featured in the Blog was developed with Glen Senior and the Small Business Company in Christchurch NZ.

I've been over a few times. It is really ironic that the Scots settlers picked the coldest and wettest end of NZ.

The Bone People is a cracking read.

All the best