Sunday, June 29, 2008


Just back from an early summer holiday and back to a full on week just catching up with things - I was amused by this and references in last few weeks to edupunks on a few blogs. John Connell being closest to home. I thought most educators were really just sad (old) or wannabe hippies - the debate is relevant in that change cannot come fast enough - (Punk response in the 70's was simply to put superglue in the school's locks)
This version from Edtechie can be viewed with annotations on Youtube site -sums up the debate well and comes from the OU - open toed sandals clearly in the past and is neat demo of how annotation tool works within YouTube.

At least it's not Eduprog , Eduhip , Edugoth - imagine the 10hour spaceship filled psychedelic pointlessness - (is this educationalists blogging ??) -Anyway begs the question - who knows the best place for the superglue ? ;-)

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