Thursday, July 03, 2008


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Still working through emails piled up, some from before I took my annual leave and enjoying making my own musical mixes from seeqpod as I plough through stacks of work.

As we move to society where I can click to my favorite track on Internet - access videos when I want through i-player or others - and as I build a list of web sites and gizmo's that I couldn't live without .. starting with wireless access - and of course share all this wonderful stuff..

Our shame is that there are still families in this world living on a dollar a day and this week I see staple food prices have climbed above this . Puts a lot of our posturing on educational issues a harsh light .. is education really about enlightenment and social justice ?

I was told this was going to happen at an economic conference in January

Hey I blogged about it ;-(
Do the starving blog ?

Thanks to Josh Summers for image

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