Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dream Career Ahead For Former Roofer

Phew another results day and with the support of 11,000 Scottish teachers in the actual process all is well. Worth noting that in SQA most of our staff and all of our appointees come from Scottish schools and not from some other bureaucratic planet.

But story I liked best today was this one.

This is a great story and reflects what I see everyday in vocational learning. I still miss being in Colleges and working with learners. I am worried at moment that we have forgotten that education in is about helping folks earn a living and to help them find self fulfilment and these are not mutually exclusive.

Vocational applied things have been squeezed out of schools for too long. I guess barring a proper writing for media course many other vocational areas would involve too large health and safety risks and the challenges of having teaching staff who teach passed the theory of any area.
Schools will need to transform or work much more closely with Colleges if they are going to meet the aspirations of their customers.

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