Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stop Motion with Wolf and Pig.

Have a few things to Blog about but coudn't resist. Expect to see advert made like this in next six months


Unknown said...

It is indeed uncanny how many concepts that started life in 'Web 2.0' later appear in mainstream media, advertising and even the BBC.

I was thinking along those lines last night when a couple of examples appeared on the TV. Interesting how this stuff is quickly picked up by 'Industry' but generally ignored in schools.

So if we are challenging and encouraging our students to be creative and innovative,for their future lives, perhaps we should be showing them these examples. Encouraging them to experiment with similar ideas and processes whilst providing opportunities for them to critically discuss the outcomes.

Joe Wilson said...

And do we educators presume to be transmission model for this - I don't think things like this are ignored in schools - this is probably doing rounds on alternative curriculum right now. Probably only ignored in the staffroom ;-)
Agree with your comments

Unknown said...

Good point Joe, I think you are right in distinguishing between alt curriculum and staffroom. Personally, I don't think educators should be merely transmitting, but using such marvellous resources as the starting point.