Friday, August 14, 2009

Universal healthcare is terrorist recruitment tool

I thought this was a spoof - but it is not . I have heard and dismissed criticism of American news coverage before - but this is unbelievable. Should be compulsory viewing for politics and modern studies students - how media is manipulated.
Q Is this credible and valid criticism of NHS in UK
Thanks @bengoldacre and @cdmilligan


Unknown said...

My partner has just finished journalism course at Cardonald and guessed first time it was Fox news, would be fascinating to collate all UK related news from the US to get an idea of just how much is utter nonsense!

Joe Wilson said...

Thanks for comment and good too to hear that Cardonald College is still producing journalism students that get it ;-) I am very biased having taught there for 16 years.

In Scotland the Glasgow University Media Group used to be very active in doing comparative media studies of this very nature.