Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Twibe

Since last year's Scottish Learning Festival I've been encouraging everyone in hearing distance to develop some Scottish Community for educational twitterers in Scotland along the lines of the aggregation for blogs provided by Scotedublogs.

Really so folks can quickly hook up with other Scottish Educational Twitterers quickly and efficiently. I have been using Twibes for about a year with some other UK based projects and finally on Friday , as I was asked again who to follow in Scottish Education, I thought I might as well start the ball rolling.

So if you are reading this work in Scottish Education or have an interest in Scottish Education - schools , colleges, Further Education , work-based or other why not join our twibe.


Douglas Blane said...

Wonder if you could maybe give the 140 character version of how a twibe works pls? I don't get it. Is it like a separate area you log into, where your tweets aren't seen by the whole twittter community? If so I'm not getting the point.

Joe Wilson said...

In a nutshell - I have been getting asked every week by folk new to twitter. Who in Scottish Education uses this and as I follow almost 2000 folks and it is hard to sort out Scots Educators quickly from this list. A twibe is one solution.
Now on most simple level - As 75+ folk have signed up for twibe and so far all verifiably educators - from all branches of life long learning - pleased to see some student teachers too.
I can now say look here and look at the profiles and follow folks that work in your part of our community
You could too if you were a masochist instantly follow them all with this tool.
The twibe also gives you an option to send direct messages only to twibe members

and it does some other stuff too.

Sorry more than 140 Characters