Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I finally moved

It has taken me a few months to decide whether to dump blogger for another blogging package. In the end I plumped for a domain through Google and to keep on using blogger rather than Wordpress or one of the other tools out there.
I'll keep my old demon.hompages site for nostalgia or in case I need it for a project at some point.

On the move itself, thank goodness I was able to get back to my blogger file on the old site to post a "this blog has moved notice" and I remembered some HTML. I only realised I had not done this after I had moved everything across to the new domain and I could not get back to make this edit through blogger and had to fall back to looking for Blogger index file and editing it.

I wonder how long it will take folks who follow original blog with RSS feed readers to notice I have moved. It will probably take me a wee while too to sort out redirects and with other tools I use.


Alan Hamilton said...

It has taken me this long to notice you have moved and I quickly realised what I have been missing.

Have now added you to my google reader.

Perhaps one more move to be the first in the SQA establishment to use the new Glow blogs? ;-)

Joe Wilson said...

Preference may have been wordpress blog - but I don't get much tech learning adaption time so stuck with blogger - been here since 2000

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