Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Typing Shop Abu Dhabi

Typing Shop by joecar80
Typing Shop, a photo by joecar80 on Flickr.
I'm sure they will move on to other devices - but worth a pause for thought. These shops feature all around the world and help folks with form filling , reading and translation ..I'm not sure what the UK equivalent would be.. an internet cafe ? not sure they are quite as community orientated.

Today, the last type writer manufacturer shuts up shop .

In 1985 I was the envy of the staff room as a proud owner of an electric typewriter,  it even had an auto correct white ribbon. By1987 I was programming wordstar or some other package to get better results out of a personal computer. I don't miss inky fingers - but they were really clever bits of engineering.


Joe Wilson said...


No problem and hope business is booming always enjoy doing business in your bit of the world

Kind Regards


AIDC INC said...

Thanks for sharing. Abu Dhabi is one of those places that has and will continue to change in time.

Joe Wilson said...

And will change faster than the UK but move on socially too and you will beat old Europe