Saturday, November 26, 2011

#sveaconf Next Generation Learning Conference

The prospect of getting up at 3.45am to cross Scotland to  catch a very early flight from Edinburgh to Brussels was only challenge in getting  to hear about this specific EU Project in integrating social media into vocational and adult education. ( some great new resources will be available from project in November).

 Just as significantly the European Commission gave a presentation around the vision of the future of learning and the funded projects and calls that will come next year around digital competency and e-literacy. It looks like there will be a lot of great things coming out of the "creative classroom" initiatives. The first projects will be aimed at school learners and up-skilling school teachers.

Refreshingly and reassuringly some great presentations from Grainne Conole   , Helen Keegan  , Mark Stiles @markstiles  , Stevan Verjans    and Tom Wambeke  . The UK is often in the lead in thinking we're just not joined up enough would be my reflection.  Great none the less to hear work of JISC , ALT and other UK organisations cited as European and world leading.

Thanks to twitter I caught up with Theo Kuechel @theokk on his way to European Conference on multi-media and education . He is curating a great collection of video resources for learning. Testament to Theo's good company and interesting work I managed to stay awake til midnight.

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