Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reflections on a Busy Year – Part Two

There is never enough time or money to support ground up initiatives. There is a lot of ground level work out there that could and can transform the lot of learners.  I think there are more of these than ever this year – and well done all ...

If you get a moment you should check out some of these links to teachers taking control of their own CPD.  I am always amazed that some more of the teacher training institutions are nor more visible in the CPD space in this way.  useful discussion on purpose of education across UK   nice set of educational podcasts
Pedagoo   teachers for teachers on a host of topics from Scottish Teachers 
Scotedublogs   Still for me best aggregation of Scottish Educational Blogs
Teachmeets  just grows and grows and driven by teachers

Most of the really good Scottish educational bloggers are now on twitter and you probably get richest diet from them here. But a few old timers worth following who will quickly lead you into the community of Scottish Educational Bloggers and Twitterers
Sorry I  can’t list everyone but check out Scottish Education Twits for feeds from main Scottish Educational Twitterers.

Worth following too those who stride around the world stirring things up

But best of all I found some new folks with new ideas emerging

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