Tuesday, January 19, 2016

#BYOD4L Reflection



BYOD4L Reflection on programme and artifact

  1. You can find full programme at byod4learning.wordpress.com/
  2. Here is a creation , a record and a reflection and evaluation of #BYODL . I enjoyed dipping in and out in the small amount of time I could set aside for this . I think the webpages setting out tasks and scenarios are great. I felt programme would have benefitted from one place where I could see and or reach out to the other participants on the programme . Good though that we were encouraged to try out a range of platforms as part of the course. I was not able to take part in twitter discussions in evening due to other commitments .
  3. This is my artefact for last bit of the programme - 'creating '
  4. To start programme I read through instructions and as way of introduction I posted into Google Group and that was day one
  5. Day Two I had a look at some of the tools I use currently and some I have used in the past and followed discussions on what everyone else is using .
  6. I picked up on list.ly/ , and nuzzel.com/ and had a look at these tools that were new to me . I am now using nuzzel though I am not sure if it is giving me more than the analysis of my twitter feed I get from Digg but time will tell . Another one my broader on-line personal learning network spotted I was looking at new social tools and suggested I start using vivino.com/ which is a community crowd sourced tool around wine buying and drinking - I joined this service and it looks interesting. So I benefited directly and indirectly by engaging with #BYOD4L
  7. Day Three I updated my blog post based on scenarios
  8. Day Four I reflected on different archiving tools I have used and picked up a problem with one of my automatic tools
  9. Day Five - I am probably starting to do things in wrong order - but I contribute to collaboration part of task
  10. Day Six - Creating - I normally do social, communicating, creation and curation almost all at the same time - without thinking . In fact most of this is done and published for me through various programmes and macros that do it all automatically . It was useful to pause and have a think about what I could do differently for #BYOD4L . I have used storify before for conferences but not for this type of evidence curation . It makes a neat eportfolio .
  11. My final reflection on programme - for me most of this has not been generated on a mobile device - I use mobile devices - phone and tablet for browsing and grazing on information - I use lap-tops and things with decent keyboards for creation . Thanks to all faciltators and participants I enjoyed experience.

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