Monday, April 04, 2016

@A_L_T Scotland: Sharing Stories Enablers and Drivers for Learning Technology in Scottish Education

It is great news that this year's annual ALT gathering will be held at Dundee and Angus College.

The event will run on the 7th of June 2016 10am-4pm 

 The event is organised by the ALT Scotland Members Group

Bringing together Members from across Scotland and allowing an important interchange between those working across education to share current practice and their plans for the future. 

It has been an exciting year in terms of on-line developments in both the Further and Higher Education sectors and I am sure this will be reflected in the proceedings. 

The event is designed to bring together practitioners from across sectors to share experiences of current and emerging practices in encouraging engagement with learning technology, highlighting the key enablers and drivers. 

To help with the organising we’ve set up a Google form for proposals at 

Get your story in and come along and share it with learning technologists from across Scotland. 


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Thanks for that link and what we should have across Scotland in terms of personalized learning

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