Thursday, March 08, 2018

Appearing on Radar - Some blockchain Strangelove around Qualifications and Certification

Follow these links and and you will quickly see what they have in common .

Digital certification , credentialing call them what you will - as blockchain technology matures it is becoming easier to create verifiable certificates to authenticate learning.

Add this backend to an #openbadge and things will really shift
You could have really tiny bits of learning authenticated in ways that the current system has always really struggled to certificate.

But for the mainstream, no more costly replacement paper certificates to take to interview .

If your university , college or awarding body uses one of these systems , then in a few clicks , they will be able to check your qualifications .

Good to see innovation arriving in this space.


John said...

Blockchain seems everywhere now. I’ve found it quite hard to fully understand this looks promising:

Might to fun if you have a bit of spare time.

Joe Wilson said...

Cheers John will have a look - I'm interested in it from digital credentialing certificating point of view - we need better way of

1. giving certificates
2.linking them to work that was done to earn certificate

Changes too open badges - but all linked

Patrick Co Eban said...

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