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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Talking about Artificial Intelligence @Edutech23 #Edutech23 Amsterdam

I was very fortunate to be a guest speaker at EduTech23 in Amsterdam earlier this month. Candidly without sponsorship I'd have been unable to attend.  Colleges in Scotland are in a precarious financial position currently and staff from vocational colleges don't normally have funding to engage in forums like this. But it is critical that we have a voice - so special thanks to the organisers. 

Artificial Intelligence is not as big a threat to vocational education as perhaps it is to the school and university system. 

Why ?  because in the main we offer authentic assessments.  Learners have to demonstrate they can do something not simply write an essay about how they might do it. That is not to downplay any ethical or other issues.

I really enjoyed #Edutech23 and my session attracted a standing room only audience and some very positive feedback on the day and online following the conference. Links to the session slides and what we are actually doing at the College are below.  I was suited a booted most of time but kilt and creative commons t-shirt on for day of session. 

I plugged too all the good work that is happening across the sector in Scotland and from UK in the AI space. 

The conference was well organised and well curated with an excellent set of sessions and was at a scale that encouraged attendees , exhibitors and presenters to engage.  I made some really good new contacts and reconnected with some colleagues from other roles I have held.  

I am just about to follow up with the useful contacts I made over the two days on the conference. Having returned to busy day job. 

Just to reiterate and before my new contacts flood my inbox with requests for sales meetings  at the moment I am always open to ideas and partnerships but we don't have resources to buy new services now or into the near future. I lead a resourceful team and there is a lot we can achieve without hard cash. We are well equipped for blended learning. Probably worth resharing how to work with Colleges in Scotland too,

We have suite that we are content with comprising at it's heart the tools listed below. These provide a sound platform for staff and students to enjoy a blended learning experience. 
  • Canvas by Instructure , Canvas Credentials and Canvas Folio
  • Microsoft Teams etc
  • Click-View
  • Panopto
  • Turnitin
  • Blackboard Ally 
  • Padlet 
  • Thinglink 
  • OneFile portfolio for apprenticeships
  1. Most immediately I am interested in any European College interested in working around with  Canvas Commons sharing vocational learning materials. 
  2. Projects around staff and student digital teaching skills and digital literacy.
  3. Policy around open educational resources at College level and the use of Artificial Intelligence in learning, teaching and assessment.
I'll follow up with post on some of the great folks I met and what we will follow up on. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

AI in world of presentations Try out Gamma App


This not my presentation for Edutech 2023 - rather me testing out some of the tools I will include in my session.

If  you haven't discovered you should have a look a serviceable and downloadable presentation in under 5 minutes . Quicker than building a Sandcastle - unless of course you use Bing Image Creator