Friday, August 15, 2008

Leadership in the Public Sector

Interesting that following my last posting I have had quite a few suggestions on useful books on changes that are needed particularly in public sector in the UK . But more interesting three of the suggestions all pointed to one book recently published and none of these plugs came from the author or anyone connected with the publisher. Better go and buy a copy or if anyone in SQA has spare one - let me know...

Cover of 'Systems Thinking in the Public Sector' by John Seddon


Andrew Carey said...


This time there is a comment from the publisher!

We could send you a slightly battered copy of John Seddon's book free, if you like. Let me know.

Thanks for the mention too. I like what you're writing.


Joe Wilson said...

Many thanks I actually went on to the internet and ordered one at weekend. But please send it on and stick it on the Blog and pass on the battered copy to colleagues in SQA who have expressed interest in my post.

and thanks for kind comments

Joe Wilson
The Optima Building
58 Robertson Street
G2 8DQ

Andrew Carey said...

The book's on its way...

Joe Wilson said...

Andrew - Book arrived and I have found a good home for it - will blog on this when I get a moment

And more importantly enjoyed the book too ..

Very Many Thanks