Sunday, August 10, 2008

Web2 in China

As we do more business in China we realise how much we still have to learn about it.

This is an eye opening slideshare
I culled from Read Write Web. We successfully export qualifications to China's top vocational Universities . The speed of change in China is unbelievable I hope some of the predictions made at January's Economist Conference don't come true.
One I didn't mention is that the Yen is devalued to combat rampant inflation following the Olympics.

Handbook of Online China

Hao ! In the spirit of drilling down the dynamics of the Internet in China , We have published a data filled , action packed slideshow “Handbook of Online China” on the eve of Beijing Olympics inauguration . The report focus on three key themes - China as an online leader , China Insider - the competitive landscape in Search, Web 2.0 & Business in Online China - that are essentially key indicators of the ongoing development of the dynamic Internet market in China.

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