Monday, September 22, 2008

Journalism and Education

Read this - then read it again and again..
At the SQA we are of course totally "crazy" and we thrive on getting "black marks" this is entirely due to all of the highly experienced subject specialists we employ.

but please look at end of article.
An SQA spokesman said: "It would be entirely untrue to say that Edwin Morgan is being ignored, banned or dropped from Advanced Higher English.

"Students at Advanced Higher level have a completely free choice of authors and texts for the specialist study element of the course which counts for almost half of the marks. If candidates wish to study the works of Edwin Morgan – and many do – then they can. Edwin Morgan could well be restored when next the list is refreshed."
Must have been a quiet news day - and just think about the fuss any time we make anything compulsory..

It's just like crawling across hot coals with folk who should know better standing on you. There is a debate perhaps to be had around the whole literature , language , communications area - but what is the hope for debate in face of reportage like this.

Still better in the news than out eh ;-) and thanks to colleague on ScotEduBlogs for Editable Einstein.

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N Winton said...

Och, for goodness sake! I don't suppose anyone thought to check that, of the Morgan poems mentioned in the article, at least one is recommended for Intermediate 2.

I know they say no publicity is bad publicity, but I despair when a national newspaper is so bored that they create non-stories out of nothing…

Morgan is a fantastic poet, and despite having met him on a few occasions, I would not presume to guess his reaction to the 'story', however, I suspect that they'd have to think twice before printing it in a family newspaper!

Thanks for the heads up on this on Joe.