Sunday, November 16, 2008

Frankie Boyle

I used to catch him live when I could in Glasgow and now watch him on TV now or on YouTube. He makes me really uncomfortable - perhaps a bit misogynistic. He arrived in my kitchen in a Sunday Herald interview this morning and one thing he said chimed strongly with me and my own formal schooling...

"I find education really horrendous ..

"That whole thing of having to move on to the next class when the bell rings , so that obedience is more important than what you're studying"

A Summerhill type thought for the day.


John Connell said...

Frankie strikes me as a very thoughtful, intelligent individual, Joe - he certainly tests the limits of what is acceptable, but that is what makes him so uncomfortable, of course. I doubt that he is genuinely misogynistic - but I think he is very good at pushing us to test the limits of our own prejudices through his use of what might, in other hands, come across as 'merely' prejudiced rather than the sharp commentary that is actually is.

Joe Wilson said...

Cheers John - I agree with you - was composing this at kitchen table on Sunday evening while listening to clips of Frankie on Youtube which confirmed my other half can't stand him .. crude, anti women and Dundee apparently

I was lucky to catch him at the SPL Player of Year awards two years ago - he was on top form and tore strips off footballs big wigs ..

Steven Livingstone said...

I watched Frankie Boyle last night on TV. He is one of the smartest guys on TV, but i do often wonder how he gets away with some of it.

I guess he has built his persona around being controversial and so is accepted.

I sure wouldn't want to attempt to argue with him :)