Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Curriculum for Excellence

The results of consultation are published today and we now move into the development phase for the qualifications. I spoke to Roderic Gillespie today and he is looking for Curriculum Specialists, Policy Managers , Technical Editors to form teams that will build the awards on what has been done to date.

No small challenge - I've done it twice as a practitioner in my own subject area. Those who carp contructively and loudest about the system can sometimes be best at engaging with this. Reform like this does drive change in system and while there will be lots of consultation as developments start moving forward, it always beats being a spectator, unless of course your contribution to education is to be a perpetual critic ;-) and hey we need you too.

I've just got my fingers crossed we make the system a bit more vocational this time.

If you read this and may be interested in leading on design of qualifications in schools please contact Roderic.Gillespie@sqa.org.uk and he'll let you know what lies ahead.

I can't believe Standard Grade isn't disappearing any faster and I'm sure most things will be built to accommodate e-portfolios and roll on and off e-assessment.


Ronnie MacLean said...

Hi Joe, I am all for vocational education but think that Standard Grade will be a huge loss to the Scottish system (though I admit lots of it could do with serious updating). I fear the chances are high that any replacement will be inferior in many ways. The Higher still model of lots of continuous assessment is a killer in the school situation (especially at S5 S6 I am told). I want to see Standard Grade hang on as long as possible.

Joe Wilson said...


I think if serious updating means we change it - which is what I believe has been the direction of travel since well before 2000 then Ronnie we can agree and there is an invitation above if you want to shape the replacement.

For better or worse SG will hang about for a bit longer.