Sunday, May 10, 2009

Blogging and Web2

As a follow up to my last post. I attended an excellent session led by ex Scottish First Minister Henry McLeish in last two weeks. Henry is going to be an ambassador for Scottish Colleges International. The presentation and discussion highlighted for me the importance of more folk in public and private sectors doing more through social networking.
  • 1. From 2011 public fund will contract in real terms. We probably needed a 10% reduction in public sector before now economic squeeze will enforce this.
  • 2.Everyone needs to be clear about value every pound spent in public sector brings and be prepared for even greater scrutiny
  • 3. There is scope for much more service and data sharing at all levels of government and society and this should drive improved services and cost cutting across public sector.
  • 4.Devolution is likely to grow regardless of government in Scotland or UK and will not lead invetiably to independence but will lead to greater local accountability.
  • 5.Colleges will need to look outside of Scotland for funding and customers - the world market, UK and England all offer opportunities.
I am grateful for my colleagues in SQA and LTScotland who blog and share along with those across Education who share. We are still in a tiny minority it would be good to see more NDPB bloggers and more voices from different bits of those who provide these critical social support services.


terminalnerd said...

There was a great talk at the IA summit this year that covered using social network to increase efficiency, among other things.

The CIA's use of social networking is a great case study.

Joe Wilson said...

Many thanks for link to presentation I am going to stick it up on blog and your help just re-enforces how useful social networking is.

terminalnerd said...

Thanks. I may be gathering some research for a similar presentation next month in glasgow.

I'll keep you in the loop.