Thursday, June 09, 2011

#showcase2011 Scottish Technology Showcase

All the new things you might imagine -green forms of energy generation and storage, Telehealthcare, Cloud Computing , Data Centres , Innovative uses and users of social software , Web Analytic services, Digital Marketing Agencies,  lean manufacturing techniques and precision engineering ..were all on display at this excellent event. A  great place to see what the workplace of the future will be like and where the skills gaps are in the new economy.   Few ideas too around some qualifications new economy will need.

Great mainly to see a host of thriving innovators , entrepreneurs and exporters driving the Scottish economy onwards .

Would have been good to see some more press coverage of this excellent event.


Ian at CMF said...

Great to see you got a lot out of the show. Me too. Shame you missed our meeting at (1230), and there was me wanting to talk about a potential new qualification with potential export possibilities. Heigh ho. If you fancy getting in touch usually get email even when on the road. Slainte. Ian

Joe Wilson said...

I'll be in touch tomorrow and look forward to hearing about opportunity.
Apologies really unaware that I missed an appointment.

Between keynotes and face to faces had a busy day.