Sunday, June 19, 2011

Piracy , Internet Safety and Identity Theft

On way into work the other morning a well known Glasgow businessman told me that he was having problems with his home Internet account  following a phone call he had from Microsoft.  He believed them as they knew he had a Microsoft operating system and knew he was an AOL Customer -so  he even confirmed his password. By this point he noticed my jaw had dropped.

The Microsoft caller  told him that they were experiencing some problems with AOL Accounts and that he should leave his computer on but not access his AOL account for the next three days.

All bits of his story alarmed me -  I am guessing that his identity had been pinched , computer hijacked and a range of dreadful things were  being perpetrated in his name.

I told him to go home and switch his computer and router off - and use his office  computer to change passwords to banking or other sensitive accounts and then go to the authorities.

Highlights need for everyone to be aware of their on-line security.


Protecting Your Identity said...

thank you for sharing

Joe Wilson said...

I'm not sure that your product or scaremongering which I hope my post does not lead to are the answers.

Users simply need some more training and need too to use some common sense which can go out of the window when folks move into an on-line world.

Kind Regards and happy to make the plug for your product - with a caveat emptor to anyone considering it as a means of protection.