Saturday, September 03, 2011

New Ways to Change the World or at least talk about it

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It is worth reflecting following some active UK Government discussion around greater regulation of twitter , Facebook  blackberry messaging and social software generally on the usefulness of social software as a means of driving positive change across the educational landscape. There are currently lots of useful places where policy makers, teachers , educational leaders, academics and those with an interest in education can exchange ideas. Here is a quick snapshot of some of the sources and activities I find useful mainly in a Scottish context,

1. The professional stream on Scotedublogs gives you an RSS of most education blogs that matter from across Scottish Education
2 Get along to a Teachmeet and make a contribution - event at Scottish Learning Festival is where it all started.
3. Follow Pedagoo in Scotland and purpose/ed for an interesting exchange of ideas
4. Have a look and follow or get along if you can to David Cameron and Laurie O'Donnell's event  at 
5. Follow some Scottish Educational Twitterers This week Don Ledingham made a series of inspiring tweets on ideas around developing senior phase of Curriculum for Excellence!/search?q=%23cfeseniorphase
6. Get and follow  RSS feeds from the Scottish Government who are making intelligent use of social software. The Engage for Education Website is engaging with teachers and has engaging content.

These are all positive things you can  follow , engage and contribute to the changing face of education and learning.

The darker underside is still there too in the often anonymous posts found in the forums of the Scottish Times Educational website - forums.

Worth noting too there are still too many folks who don't have a voice in any of this,

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