Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#dob11 The Connected Educator - I like learner better

Sometimes I hear the cynic in me - "Over the last 7 or 8 years one way or another I 've seen every slide in this presentation - delivered in different ways." I 've even pinched a few of these concepts too

But on reflection and with some evaluation - the interesting thing is really- that in the best networked way , in the way that folklore and other good stories spread and get better with the re-telling all around the world - it is fundamentally the same story that is being told - the same signposts to the future. Learning around the world is on the same journey.

The challenge is making the jump to this place - where we can point to user generated content and global networks of educators and better still global;ly networked  learners .. and we still haven't quite figured out the levers for this.

Thanks Shelly Nussbaum Beach and to Ewan McIntosh over in frozen Norway for highlighting this presentation at whatever #dob11 is.


Gerry Dougan said...

The 'trick' is to take a number of ideas and concepts and package them under one banner. In this case 'The Connected Educator / Learner'.

Still a good concept that could be developed further. True continuous professional development lends itself to collaborative, online technologies.

Although practitioners will still meet to discuss, share practice etc. it will become more of a challenge to find time. Short periods will be available for CPD, not whole days.

Joe Wilson said...

We need to get staff into the space of having personal learning networks.
It's really tough still think Colleges are miles ahead of schools and with budget cuts Colleges will need to make even more use of technology