Sunday, October 23, 2011

#EduScotICT What more to debate about Wifi in Schools ?

Just catching up with blogs and posts just  had a great week off with family around Scotland.

Surprised and rather disappointed that no-one picked up on first speakers real point about wi-fi
Even the TES Article "Give us Some Coffee Shop Technology " missed main point.

I tuned in and heard a very erudite Rhys McKenna state that even foreign campsites now have wifi.

Starbucks have had  free Wifi in UK since 2009.
The offices I left in 2002 had guest wifi available on request.
There is not a city centre I've been too in last few years without a wifi hotspot of some kind, nor usually a conference , you can sometimes even do it on a train.

If you just read this sort of coverage - you can  hear the nae sayers  being very understanding about schools struggling to compete with global corporates even if they are  - Coffee Chains.

But campsites now do wifi  ( our camp-site had it as well  last summer ) - even some Scottish ones do  - and lots of homes have wifi too - so for goodness sake why not schools. What more is there to talk about?  or should we set up temporary under canvas learning centres with wifi  ?


Anonymous said...

I have lots of sympathy for the view expressed here, but there is a major networking problem to overcome and it isn't the in-building wi-fi.

Apparently (I'm told by people involved in paying for it) most Scottish schools have a truly dire Internet connection - often in the 4-10 Mbps range (that's plenty for a household, but not for a school) - because the cost of providing a better connection is prohibitive. Perhaps someone needs to ask questions about the pricing?

Joe Wilson said...

It is worth digging a bit deeper the network back bone to local authorities actually quite robust
and to date procured nationally
It will only get better.

Where there is decent bandwidth we need to make more of the asset was my point.

But there should be a lot more openess around how schools and local authorties provision links out to schools

I'd not normally post or respond to an anonymous comment