Wednesday, October 03, 2012

#Pedagoo #TMSLF12 #slfFringe New Ventures

I am really lucky as working in new ventures means looking at and sometimes doing  new things,  that  challenge the organisation and my colleagues, in a good way .

Like lots of organisations we spend quite a lot of time looking at future trends . A couple of months  ago I pulled this together from a range of sources to move on  our own organisational debate abou the changes that are happening in global education.

We are always looking for better and more effective ways to support learner journeys.

I used bits of this in my sessions at  #tmslf12  and #slfringe  . The predictions here are sourced mainly from work being done in HE sector Horizons Report  , but also from work by  OU , BBC , LearnDirect in UK and Ofcom.

In one session I was asked why blogging and wikis were not included in current year's trends .
Blogging has been about now for more than  ten years and editable webpages for a similar period.

We need to think about how we make the most of what is in front of us as well as what we have already.


Reverend Walt said...

Joe - thanks for sharing this useful compendium of future trends.

Last week I set up a wiki (PBWorks) for educators in Serbia and had to explain it all to university profs, Ministry staff, and teachers!

So we should not take too much for granted about use (or even awareness) of current web functionality

Joe Wilson said...

I appreciate that and think the other important bit for those who use technology is that we learn to use it to communicate effectively . I can still see poor communicators , Individuals and organisations , adopting lots of tools for their own sakes .
That they use twitter or have a blog or use social software is not sufficient for good stakeholder engagement and effective communication.
There is still a big cultural change needed.