Wednesday, March 29, 2023

#BETT23 , #BETT2023 What I will be up to.

I'll be around for another flying visit to Bett23 - I wonder how much Artificial Intelligence will be on display ? Is that a pun? 

I'll be around Thursday and Friday  

At moment I am visiting and/or meeting and presenting  
  • ThingLink
  • Genially 
  • Intel  ( presentation Thursday lunchtime)
  • Fujitsu
  • Click-View 
  • Microsoft Education 
  • Google Education 
  • Advantis Systems/Class VR
  • Instructure Canvas  
  • ALT Session ( Association of Learning Technology) 
I am looking for innovative partners and potential sponsors for our next year's Learning and Teaching Conference potentially March 2024 . A great way to bring innovative solutions to the Scottish College Sector as well as interesting partners and projects I can bring to a large and ambitious College.

I think I have figured out way to bring AR/VR to the College in a cost effective way but always open to opinions and solutions.

I don't need new MIS, VLE, Assessment , Proctoring or Video capture systems etc 

My diary is almost full - if you want a meeting reach out to me on twitter @joecar

I look forward to meeting friends old and new.

Reflections last few years BETT

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