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Looking Back and Forwards - It's that time of year again - Part Two

Janus cc Wikipedis
anus Janus image created by AI by Image Creator in Bing
Janus Image Created by AI 

Perhaps I don't need to write articles any more I can just use artificial intelligence   and I can add my own images created by Bing Image Creator. 

Perhaps, I could just automate whole process. Scarily how the copy for lots of commercial blogs and internet postings are now created. It is what bots are doing in the background automatically producing content for other bots to produce and flood social media channels with including repetition of any errors. 

I asked for current trends in Educational Technology.

"Here are some current trends in educational technology:
  1. The increasing use of online and digital resources in education, including the use of learning management systems, virtual classrooms, and digital textbooks.
  2. The use of adaptive learning technologies, which can personalize the learning experience for each student based on their needs and abilities.
  3. The growing use of educational technology to facilitate collaborative and project-based learning.
  4. The use of virtual and augmented reality in the classroom.
  5. The use of artificial intelligence in education, including the development of personalized learning programs and the use of chatbots and other AI-powered tools to support student learning.
  6. The increasing integration of technology in teacher professional development programs.
  7. The growing use of educational technology to support blended and hybrid learning models, which combine online and in-person learning.
It is worth noting that the use of educational technology can raise important questions and challenges related to issues such as equity, accessibility, and data privacy. These issues are being addressed by educators, policymakers, and researchers in various ways. "

Or Perhaps Chat AI knows more about Open Scotland than many in the Scottish Educational establishment 

"Open Scotland is a group or organization that promotes open education and open educational resources (OER) in Scotland. Open education refers to the practice of making educational resources and materials available online for free, and OER refers to these resources and materials. Open Scotland may work to raise awareness about the benefits of open education and OER, as well as support the development and use of open educational resources in Scotland. "


I've just scratched the surface but echoes some of my commentary from a year or so ago with educational obsession with plagiarism

Some useful links to learn about what AI can and cannot do.
With thanks to @brmorris10 and @JonesLearnUK on twitter.

AI In Learning and Teaching @brmorris10
What is Chat GPI and what do Educators need to know about it @JonesLearnUK

and a link to paper on wider implications. 
Future of AI some Cautionary Notes.

Thoughts - I think campaign to make any learner know about Chat GPI is the responsible path. 

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