Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Digital Media Academy

What if I said Scottish schools and Colleges could do something like this right now ?

Digital Media Academy Summer Computer Camps & Creative Training

and learners would get credit towards a range of national awards as well as picking up appropriate vendor certification if they wanted it.

What do we need to do to get things moving .. marketing as slick as this.. ?? - tours of Stanford University.. more razzamatazz ?

This post from futurelab made me depressed - we have thought this all the way through to here and passed this point in Scotland but it has been slow to move out into Colleges and Schools
Congratulations to Islay Academy and our DIVA lead centres they are in vangard on this. Now if only like the weather this good practice would blow across rest of Scotland.

You could do it open source if the vendor bit does not appeal to your sensibilities and that's the bit that's been holding you back ;-)

Bobby and the Computing Posse are waiting to hear from you .


islayian said...

(Cough) Islay Academy Joe?
Thanks for the mention and the positive energy.
It is much appreciated
When you coming over?

Joe Wilson said...

More chance of me turning up in Birmingham than Bowmore not by choice but vocational meetings and customers tend to be well.. not on Islay - but I will keep looking for a nice excuse.

Liked the footage of the learners using the equipment while the teachers skateboarded - think we've still to find that generation of teachers ;-)

all the best