Monday, March 23, 2009

Jeff Haywood Vice Principal Edinburgh University Jisc09

Relationship of University to global economy is complex. We now expect students to move around - we reach out to them before they come and we do a lot of technogical mediation before they arrive on campus. When learners arrive they come into a cloud - they can use technology wherever they are on campus. Some universities are now trying to do this on campuses on other side of world which brings even more challenges.

We use virtual campuse in 2nd Life , itunes, facebook we build our reputation and deliver services in all of these spaces. We need support locally , nationally and internationally. Can staff work in distributed way across time zones ?

Interesting challenges in these areas :
  • Digital humanities
  • visualisation ,
  • data storage curation and preservation

  • process and content to mobile devices
  • games and virtual worlds, haptic
  • contribution and manipulation tools
  • e-assessment

  • global identity management
  • security
  • new digital library
  • technology rich spaces

We need to move forward in each of these areas and JISC can help in number of these.

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