Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Vlogging Life From a Cupboard Somewhere

Following the publication of the Next Generation User Skills Report I was interviewed by Leon Cych. There is a fuller transcript on his blog especially for those who can't understand my Glaswegian accent.

We are just about to announce the what next - which will help with workplace productivity skills in Scotland and far beyond . There has been more interest in the report following the publication of Lord Carter's Digital Britain Report I am very grateful to Leon and colleagues from around UK who have promoted this bit of work.

On most Sunday evenings after the kids go to bed I try to drop into Edtechroundup I nearly always miss most of it- usually too much other homework - I get into the flash meeting for last five minutes - then I make do with looking at the recording and the transcript of the meeting. There is always a useful nugget and above all it is great to hear the struggles and victories of real teachers from across the UK and sometimes from further afield. If you get the chance join us - it will help you carry ideas back into your organisation- or why not have a look at the recorded meetings to give you a feel for Edechroundup and the flashmeeting tool.

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