Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jisc Conference day two JISC09

Last night -lots of discussion about data services and should these be national or local.. Feeling that lots of money is being spent on institutional service centres when money would be more economically spent on more national data centres.

Stalled this morning as I didn't have correct wi-fi password.

Sir Timothy O’Shea Principal of Edinburgh University and Chair of JISC

Super Janet 6
On line learning and Teaching and bringing research closer to teaching
Collections and now national repositories and content creation and re-use
Biggest Access Federation in the World
Enterprise Wide Systems
Knowledge Transfer and Wealth Creation

British Universities and Films Council –bring out an i-player for education – BOB
New Services for Geographers launch too
And conference is on line for those who can’t come.

Prof Lizbeth Goodman Futurelab UK and Smartlab

I have seen Lizbeth's work before. If you look at one thing look at this presentation - this transformational work for people that happens to use technology. Start worrying about people not money or technology. Creating learning tools for learning Shows clips and talks over them - interactive CD Roms from Open University
I wonder if any of this could be repurposed for web ?
Dancers using animaton systems
Musicians children with learning difficuktues can learn faster if they learn music
People dancing with haptic devices motion and coolour tracking devices – all very magical
Creating sensory environments for learning – people can touch people virtually and fly when they can physically hardly move.
What is the colour of home – artists musics and dancers
All taking humans to new places and other dimensions
Trust and Hope Project programme – bio feedback activates characters
In Singapore created a fly through environment , learners created their own characters to move through this environment.
Stephen Hawking School in London – programme without technology which has informed interface project

Marketing corporates have developed a screen that would tell where your eyes look – hacked this – now used by people who can only move their eyes – now they can write and even play musical instruments using this tool.
Charity Safety Net – global for abused women – protection and micro enterprises including wearable games

Chicks2GO women in East London with special needs mapping out streets of London for Olympics for others with special needs.

Wheelies in second life – wheel chair disco

Lost and found – use mobile phones to find lost children instantly – in Brazil
Microsoft Boys and Girls Clubs if America – Club Tech Digital Arts Festival , Youthnet , Digital Art Set, Rock Set, - now coming to UK – five pilot sites in UK

Future Lab – bringing things about interfaces to future lab – Fizzees 8-12 year olds wrist device creature grows and nice if you are physically active

Mobi missions – camera phones and GPRS missions built and used by learners

Ends learner with no voice that technology has given voice – we need to give these people voices while they are here and there is time for them ... wow

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