Monday, January 12, 2009

ICT in Education Global Philanthropic Perspectives

A session on what and where are the Global philanthropic initiatives in ICT
Rough Notes ..

Good news we work with these and more in Scotland - but couple we have not hooked up with.

Dawn Foundation Charles Hawkin ?? Canadian Charity based in Montreal - failure of education to develop young people for a global knowledge economy. 200 million dollars in a delivery platform working with 50 schools across Globe in next 24 months will - can't find this in Google.?
Uses Cisco's teleprescence network
Building a global classroom ( Cisco, Panasonic, Dell)Chicago , State of Illinois

Anne Rochelle Nokia Design
What are the unmet needs of the users - anywhere anytime learning and handheld learning and other ways to achieve this. Have an evidence base to help lead thinking working with partners - Pearson Education Mobile Learning Institute takes technologies into schools to create new system - 50 hours of staff development to show teachers how to use the technology. Materials are developed and shared by teachers and pupils - In South Africa a gaming programme developed for mobile phones around the science education. In philipines one million learners use a cell phone learning network and work with International Youth Foundation . Looks like content is with Pearson Education Foundation

Bill Fowler CISCO Learning
Equipping every Learner for 21st Century
As employers Cisco demand a different skill set and engaged for this reason.
In Morocco,Mexico, Jordan, Egypt and lots of places who can see how technology can change things quickly.- students are really the same the world over - Cisco goes out to find partners in countries and then works with the country to help them meet their needs. New Programme in Africa ..Teacher without Borders,

Dr Martina Roth Intel Director Global Education Strategy
Work in specific way to contribute at national and globla level - work in public private partnerships, Teacher Training project based learning and work with acadmia to get innovative thinking included not just research and development -
We offer number of programmes - 6million teachers trained in imprroving use of technology in the classroom
IntelTeach Programme and
IntelLearn Programme
We run biggest Maths and Science Competition in the World ( 1500 finalists 50 countries 4million scholarship.
IntelHigherEducation Programme 200 universities and 34 Countries
Will be announcement tomorrow from CISCO INITEL and MIcrosoft on more help for teachers and learners

Microsoft Partners in Learning Paul Goris ??
106 Countries - has touched 125 million teachers goal to reach 250 million aim to get pupils better access to technology and actively promote teacher skills and to promote leadership skills. Innovative Schools , Innovative Teachers and Innovative Students. Hope communnity of teaches sharing resources teaching materials not just ICT in the classroom. grow to around 10 million, we have an awards ceremony every year - this year in HongKong, Schools and pupils will have access to this next.

Oracle Education Foundation Director - Orla Nichorcora
Thinkquest for primary and secondary schools and Oracle Academy for Higher Education
Thinkquest now being used fairly extensively with global competitions - materials go back into Thinkquest library get 30 million hits a month used extensively. Partner with organisations and governments around the world. Working with Egypt, Jordan and other big global initiatives.

"Mark" from Pearson Education Foundation
An education company more than a technology company

They all take general programmes and try to make it sustainable - host countries need to have appetite to make transfomational change - all look for organisations willing to engage with multi-stakeholder partnerships and who understand the needs of their own learners.

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