Monday, January 12, 2009

Teacher Training Resource Bank

TTRB is a trusted repository and makes available a professional knowledge base to raise practice in teacher training to ensure that teachers and teacher trainers improve their own practice . The site provides an evidence base for people to change their practice. The database pulls together evidence and research on teaching and learning and the use of technology in the school space. The sources are from national stakeholders in England. ( HE, BECTA, Future Lab, Teachers TV, ITTE, GTC(England) ELearning Reports and many more)resources are mapped on to the teacher training standards in England.

Site contains orginal research and provides reviews of research and suggests key implications. Review of research. Reviewer get paid for this and part of their own professional development.

This aims to become one authoritative source for this. Supported by Training and Development Agency in Schools, Lighthhouse Education, Canterbury Christ Church University, Institute of Education, British Education Index. Quality assured content

The information and resources here will be used for teachers CPD as well as those coming in at entry level. Even comes with an e-librarian who can help with specific defined questions.

Site has been live for five years around 100,000 views per month
16,000 registered users - aim of session to promote international use - wonder if this is used extensively in Scotland ?

Big question how does evidence impact practice in your national system.

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