Monday, January 05, 2009

Seven Things and Happy New Year

Laurie O'Donnell has tagged me asking me to list seven things about myself others might not know ( not to mention may not be very interested in ) Looks like a useful way to enter the blogosphere in the new year. I have also been asked to tag some others.

Here are seven things I can acceptably share ;-) I'll save the darker secrets for the memoir.

1. I have worked in secondary schools, further , higher and community education.
2.I've danced on Top of the Pops Studio in audience and appeared in an episode of Grange Hill
3.I've been juggled inside a barrel in my kilt on stage at the Beijing Opera
4. I've made a Sun headline and a court appearance for sending off a head butting player as a rugby referee
5.I have worked all over Scotland but I have always stayed in the same area of Glasgow - The St Mirren end of Paisley Road.
6. At various times I have served on the NILTA, ALT , JISC Boards and committees at UK level and I did a stint at the Scottish Funding Council looking at the ICT development needs of Further Education Staff in Scotland.
7. I believe people are innately clever, inquisitive achievers, but that the expectations and structures in most life long learning systems do not serve them well - the next wave of change will be a global curriculum in some areas and that will really challenge the established order - goodie ;-)

And can I tag - Bobby Elliott, Noel Chidwick, John Edmonstone, Walter Patterson, Nick Morgan, Andrew Brown and Neil Winton and forgive me if you have been tagged already.

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