Saturday, January 31, 2009

Technology January

I just use the stuff - don't ever bore me with binary or any other technical aspect of the stuff .
I can usSee full size imagee it and if forced I can talk it - and if it is interesting then I have probably already had a go at it .
Never imply that you have to be terrifically clever to
a.Operate the stuff.
b. Control anyone else's access to the stuff.

Since Christmas two things have delighted me - I am really enjoying Apple TV . It seamlessly plugged into back of our TV and picked up our wifi - we actually don't use 80% of it's functionality but late night with a glass of wine watching last 10 years of family photos with Ken Burns Effect on, with our music from i-tunes playing as a sound track it is hard to beat.

The other thing that looks great is gmail voice and video chat. I have high hopes that we will soon be able to build an e-portfolio out of google aps. I was very impressed with it this week when I had a chat with Leon Cynch . There is some great coverage of BETT on his blog too.

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