Monday, January 23, 2012

Class Dojo

I think this is interesting  development and probably running ahead of policy makers in this area of classroom management and reporting.

Young learners  who have seen Kung Fu Panda will probably understand concept of a Dojo and those that haven't will quickly see normal penalty and reward system of classroom management in this tool

Appeared on my radar a few times now in last six months and flagging it up for this reason alone.

Check it out at


Kalen Gallagher said...

Hi - Kalen from ClassDojo here. Thank you so much for the blog post Joe, we really appreciate it!

If anyone who comes across this blog post has any questions or needs any help setting up, don't hesitate to reach out -

Thanks again! :)

Joe Wilson said...

Hey no worries and sure folks will see you comment and email address and if not happy to refer them on